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With such skill and dedication to her art it’s little wonder why BLUE is often surrounded by some of the world’s best Songwriters and Producers. Her breathtaking delivery and intoxicating stage presence has captivated her audience for over a decade and she is only just getting started.


On the stage since the tender age of 3, she (Marisa Lock) was born into a musical family and was dancing to her parents’ jazz and funk vinyl collection before entering classical ballet and tap dance classes. Dancing was BLUE’S passion through all of her schooling years, which led her into nightclub work as a professional dancer and model, and then as choreographer of her own fashion shows. BLUE sites that it’s her background in dance that gives her a “full body” approach to making music, which is evident in her command of the stage while performing.


As a vocalist, BLUE’S incredible career began with Hip-Hop and took her on a journey through New Skool Breaks, different styles of House, Electronica and Pop. Bringing original lyrics and top-line melodies to collaborations both in the club and the recording studio, it was her signature style of fusing lingering vocals with percussive rhymes and her natural talent for songwriting that has captured the attention of the world’s elite.


With her smouldering beauty and enchanting style, BLUE has already gained notoriety as the female co-front for the critically acclaimed band The Potbelleez. Known for their hits Midnight Midnight, Shake It and Junkyard, BLUE shows the kind of skill and versatility that sets her apart from all other artists in that she is a true entertainer.


Already firmly established in her homeland of Australia, BLUE’S journey has taken her all over the world with time spent writing and recording in London, New York, Dublin, Hamburg and Berlin. BLUE has recently returned to Australia after 5 years living and working in Berlin, Germany, where she immersed herself in the deepest underground electronic music scene in the world. Joining forces with German mega-producer and pioneer Marcus Maichel, best known for his long-standing projects The Delta and X-Dream, BLUE explored the genres of industrial psy-trance and dark German techno, adding these to her love of electronica and pop. Armed with this new inspiration, BLUE is excited to bring a taste of her recent adventures to followers and fans back home. As of mid 2020 she has poured this knowledge into her latest and crowning project, KAIROS KIN. Together with the incredibly talented indigenous artist KAZM, best known for fronting live Aussie electronic act Dubmarine, BLUE is well on her way to being that which she has always aspired to be….  Amazing !!

“ I make music I can feel… And if I can feel it, you will too “ – BLUE MC

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