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BLUE MC is currently working on a smooth Drum n Bass track with her old friend MC Shureshock. With a lifetime of experience under his belt, having fronted funk band Zephyr Timbre supporting the likes of Jamiroquai around Australia and post that, MC'd exclusively with DJ Kid Kenobi for many years throughout the height of the Breakbeat phenomenon. Bringing together their smooth voices and unique rap styles, BLUE and Shureshock lament the pain of love in their new track "Why does it hurt?" produced by legendary Brisbane producer Tomix. Stay tuned for it's release on Shureshock's upcoming EP!



Blue MC (The Potbelleez) has teamed up with Kazm (Dubmarine) to form the new dynamic duo KAIROS KIN. Drawing on a range of genres including dub, hip-hop, electronica & dance, the two rappers are focused on elevated lyrics and vocal harmonies. Kairos Kin have brought together two power-house song writers and combined their ethereal voices over bass heavy beats and grooves.

Terry Cassels aka Kazm is an indigenous Australian artist and frontman for various Brisbane acts, most notably Dubmarine 2006-2018. Starting his career in 1991 as a dancer, singer, song writer and actor, he has performed on many local and international stages, from the Sydney Opera House, the Olympic and Commonwealth Games through to main events throughout Europe, Africa, America, New Zealand and of course most parts of Australia. He has earned many career accolades, receiving a Queensland Music Award and a Deadlys Award, and helping communities with multiple workshops throughout Australia for over 25 years. The Gungalu spirit singer crosses ancient culture into the modern contemporary sphere and pushes his art toward the space age!

Marisa Lock aka Blue MC is an Australian female rapper and singer who has also fronted various Australian acts, most notably The Potbelleez 2004-2012. Starting her career in 1995 as a dancer, model and choreographer, she debuted as a vocalist with her first band Chi-Qi in Brisbane in 2000. From there she was sought after as a top-line writer, session vocalist and live performer through to the time she joined The Potbelleez. Having toured extensively around Australia and around the world, her time with the band saw her garner 2 x platinum and 2 x gold records from ARIA and an APRA Award. Following that chapter she relocated to Berlin (Germany) from 2013-2018, where she collaborated with hip-hop, EDM and techno producers, recording demos and performing club shows. Appearing as a contestant on The Voice of Germany in 2014, she won the hearts of over 2 million viewers throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, appearing as the first female rapper ever to compete on the show. Returning to her hometown of Brisbane in 2019, this experienced Femcee is destined to make her home-grown supporters exceedingly proud.




BLUE MC is about to start a new collaboration with DJ Toby G.
More on that soon!




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